Installing A Backyard Sound System

Everything is better with an awesome music soundtrack and your backyard is no exception. After spending so much time to get your landscaping right, it is time for the finishing touches and a backyard sound system can really enhance your enjoyment of your home’s exterior space. Below are a few tips for getting it right.

First of all, consider that most stereo speakers are not waterproof. Typical stereo speakers will have wooden enclosures and paper cones that will quickly deteriorate in an outdoor environment. Fortunately, waterproof marine speakers are readily available from retailers like this one. Marine speakers are made for use on boats and they work equally well outside in your backyard. You will generally want a box type speaker with a mount included, rather than the flush mount type that require a cutout hole.

The next thing to look at is the speaker location. Ideally you want to get them up high over the heads of the people who are listening. Why? Because sound can be blocked by obstructions and the fewer obstacles between the speaker and your ear, the better the sound quality will be.

One “go to” type of speakers for backyards are rock speakers. Rock speakers are actually waterproof box speakers that are camouflaged to look like rocks. You can get information about rock speakers, waterproof marine stereos and more here: Rock speakers are great for certain situations and they can sound very good, but they are always placed down low on the ground which is not optimal. If you have the choice, go for something you can mount up high before you use a rock speaker. Or you might consider a combination of rock speakers and other speakers mounted up high.

You also want some good separation between your speakers and you don’t want them bunched together. Not only will the separation help you cover more area in your backyard, but the stereophonic effect will be greater which will improve your sound quality.