Landscaping For Tranquility

In our go, go, go world, life can get pretty hectic. Our jobs, families, and homes all need constant attention and place demands on our time. Finding a little peace and tranquility can be a challenge, but fortunately, some of that peace can be found right in your own backyard, literally! Landscaping for tranquility can soothe the soul so we’d like to offer some suggestions.

How about a butterfly garden? Butterflies are associated with renewal and rebirth, not to mention how beautiful they are. Planting flowers and plants such as marigolds and oregano will attract butterflies so that they can be a lovely part of your backyard.

Aromatherapy can be very relaxing, and your backyard can be a wonderful source of soothing smells. Go for some lavender, thyme, or jasmine in your landscaping to help you relax. They not only smell great, but look beautiful too!

The sound of moving water is also very peaceful. If you can afford a babbling creek in your backyard, that’s great, but smaller water features can add a lot of atmospheric effect. Fountains and ponds can be purchased inexpensively and are easier to install than you might think

A crackling fire can also be soothing and cozy. Fire pits can be purchased or built with a wide variety of stones that can look fantastic.

Visually, consider using rounded shapes for patios and flower beds. Squares and rectangular shapes can feel rigid and unyielding, while curves seem more organic and natural.